Sometimes, work is fun

Yesterday was a great workday. I normally don’t get out into the field to see accounts these days. But yesterday, I took Tom to a couple accounts and then had a fun wine tasting/dinner with my buddy Tim, his wife Deb, Marty and Tom. Poor Tom had to sit through Tim, Marty and my inside jokes, but loved it and sold 120 cases to Tim. It’s really good for Tom to get out here from California and meet the right people, meaning most important buyers, that I know. On my way back from Denver today, I’ll stop in Silverthorne and drop a bottle of Chianti that Tim wants to put on in his nine restaurants.

On the way home, I dropped Ty an order of rigatoni and sausage. I ordered the family style order for my dinner, so I’d have extra.

Lori had a PA give notice yesterday and jump to Steadman. This causes some strain at work for her, but I told her, people come and go from jobs all the time.

Biden finally signed a bill saying only 2500 illegal crossings a day are legal, WTF? This of course doesn’t count any unaccompanied minor or anyone that uses an app on their newly given I-phone. By the way, where do all these illegals get new I-phone 15’s as they cross the border illegally? This still allows 1.8 million illegal crossings a year plus those others. Talk about pandering for votes, ha. We already have 10 million running around the country and if even 5% are criminals, that’s 500,000 or 10,000 per State! Hopefully the voters are smart enough to see through this desperate attempt to try to save his job.

Time to get moving, have a great Wednesday, GB.

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