Up early, almost 6am now and it’s still dark outside. Yesterday we ran some errands and hung out around the house. We were trying to get to our closets but that didn’t happen. We did make two trips to Costco and Ace Hardware. Guess we should have made a list. Think it’s warming up today, so we’ll probably go to the range. No snow up here at all. Lots of heavy wet snow in Denver.

Hopefully winter is over. I made reservations in Sacramento and Denver for our hotels and rental car for Dix’s service. We’ll fly out on the 9th and be back the night of the 10th. We need to drive down and stay by the airport on the night of the 8th for our 8am flight. Jag has an 11:40 flight the same day so he’ll land a few hours after us.

Shit is crazy these days with the people in Washington D.C. apparently living in an alternative universe. Enough said, God help us.

Guess I’ll get going, 6am now. Have a great day and GB.

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