Looking good

The house inside is halfway painted and looking good. So is our golf swing, sort of, ha. We had our first lesson yesterday with David and are out again today at 11am.

Looks crappy in Denver but not so bad up here. No rain or anything, just a little bit cloudy. We found some ants coming up through the grout where it ends next to the door that goes into the garage. Always happens this time of the year. I think we have a handle on them as I put out around ten of those bait traps and they’ve been taking poison back to their nest for a day now. They don’t really go anywhere, and we hate killing them, but you can’t have them in the house.

We had cigar night last night which was fun as usual.

Our painters have done such a good job, for such a good price, that I’m going to have them come back mid-May to do our room and bathroom and at least Ty’s room upstairs. It’s rare when you get good guys, that do-good work, at a good price. My buddy Steve at the gym really hooked us up.

Time to put the trash out. Oh, did you hear, Biden said his uncle was eaten by cannibals twice during WWII, bones and all! Truth is, according to the Army, he was shot down over the Pacific and drowned. Not surprising that he continues to make crap up. The surprising thing is how most of the media continues to cover for him. I really don’t understand how anyone could vote for him. I also don’t understand how all these students can support Hamas and bash Israel. You can thank TikTok and George Soros for these organized protests everywhere. Both are hell bent on destroying America and seem to be doing a pretty good job, as people are stupid enough to fall for it. God help us.

Have a great Friday and God Bless.

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