Not too bad

As of now, 5:30am, we only have an inch or so of snow outside. Hope it stays that way. Looks like Vail Pass might be closed but we’re ok down valley. We’ll take it.

Ty works at 7 so we’re up early as usual. He does have Monday and Tuesday’s off but we’re up on those days anyhow. So, no rest for the weary, or whatever they say.

Big football game at 11am. Really hope we win. Yesterday we didn’t do much. It was cold outside even though it wasn’t snowing. We thought about going down to Broadway for the parade, but I went to pick up Ty from work instead.

Not sure if you saw, but the UN is calling on all Americans to reduce meat consumption. Looks like we’ll be having steak for dinner. The govt. wants you eating meat grown in a lab. Bill Gates and others are behind this! Don’t be fooled. Kamala Harris just announced a new 3-billion-dollar climate fund. We’ll be giving that money to nations across the World. Just so you understand, that’s YOU who is giving money to countries, which by the way, will use it for whatever they want. Probably to enrich their corrupt leaders. God, please stop the madness.

Time to go, all this crap is ruining my Sunday morning, God Bless.

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