Could have been worse

I dropped Lori at work and drove to Glenwood to see Sean at the collision center. Looks like the car is not damaged too bad. Hopefully we can get the parts we need fairly quick. Could be a couple months though. We also managed to get the garage door panel on order. Melissa at the garage door place was so nice and told Lori not to be upset as this happens all the time. She said one guy called and said he needs a whole new garage door and when Melissa said, maybe not, why do you think that? The man said, because the door is in the backyard! Apparently his wife drove through the garage door, into the garage wall and into the backyard all in one swoop! So there, could have been worse.

Ty is headed up today and his friend Tony is driving him up. He’ll stay the night and go back tomorrow. Lori works in Vail again today. I didn’t make it shooting yesterday as I got caught up at work. Maybe later this week we’ll get some more range time in.

Another shooting in Denver last night, that’s 3 days in a row. Cities are just not safe anymore. No where is totally safe but we’re much safer up here in the bubble. Nice outside now with Fall on the way. I have some work to do so time to go. Have a great day, God Bless.

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