The Lorax

Good morning.  The sun is up, the birds are singing and the munchkins are coming down the stairs.

The boys played with the neighbors most of the morning…the oldest headed off to Uncle T’s in the afternoon.  He went to lunch with Uncle T and Auntie B and we couldn’t tell at all that he had a Japanese soda at lunch…Boy oh boy could we tell.  That’s’s Spring Break…and isn’t that when “Boys behave badly”… girls too. Anyway, the oldest had a lot of fun at his Uncle’s and came back full of knowledge about his Great Uncle C.B. Fugate.  Uncle C.B. was The first Jefferson County Sheriff killed in the line of duty…he was murdered by one of his friends at age 54 according to our oldest son.   He is very interested in family history and wants to see a family tree with his name on it.  I better go outside and carve all of our names into a tree…I don’t think he would find that funny at all.  He is very serious about Ancestry.  This is every family members cue to send some information.  By the way…Thank you Uncle T. for taking our young man to lunch.

The boys had dinner outside while they were taking turns shooting hoops.  They came in when the sun went down and we all crawled in our bed to snuggle.

Today the Mister is chucker hunting.  He is planning on bringing these birds home for dinner.  Ugh…I made it twelve years without having to cook wild fowl for dinner.  I really prefer my birds to be plucked and packaged.  I’ll keep you all posted on the results of the “Hunt”.

The boys and I are going to see The Lorax movie today.  I plan to take them for a long walk around Crown Hill park this morning.  It’s 4 miles if you take the long loop.  I can certainly use it and it will be good for the boys to walk before sitting in a movie theater. The movie looks really good..I hope they enjoy it.

I am off to make breakfast and give the dog a shot….

God Bless


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