12th Anniversary

Good morning.  The sunrise is beautiful.  The background, a muted blue splashed with brilliant pink and peach with lavender clouds perfectly disbursed in the foreground.  I love to see the sunrise, because we get to start a fresh new day with the most beautiful colors ever seen.

Twelve years ago today we were all down in Scottsdale preparing for a beautiful ceremony followed by a fabulous party.  It’s hard to believe 12 wonderful years have gone by.  It certainly doesn’t feel like 12 years….that makes our lab 12.  I have to think back to confirm that she is indeed 12.  I  keep thinking that she is only 10…however…she was born on March 20th and we brought her home in May right after we got married.  She still has the energy of a 2 year old especially when she is chasing a ball!  She is losing a bit of her hearing…that could be due to her ever present ear infections..BUT…she has not lost her taste for trash.  Miss Lacey has acquired a new talent…opening cabinet doors.  She had a feast of chicken bones and shrimp tails in the middle of the night.  It must have been her belated birthday dinner….it’s a good thing she has an iron stomach.  Don’t worry..I will keep a watchful eye on her.

Happy birthday today to Aunt Shelly.  We all went out to a birthday/anniversary lunch yesterday.  It was really nice.  We went to the new local restaurant.  Our table was great..a tall table that was 1/4 inside and 3/4 out on the patio.  The fresh air during lunch was great.  I had a really good hamburger…minus the bun and onion (Auntie B called me “Sally” from the movie “When Harry Met Sally”). There were fish and chips, french dips and one grilled cheese all around…accompanied by iced tea served in Mason jars. Yum. We went to Grandma’s house after lunch…I sure do enjoy going up there…I think I’ll see if I can’t go hang out more this spring and summer.

The youngest had a play date in the morning with his wild friend..Scott.  While I was upstairs the boys made a fort with the couch cushions or a trampoline…I’m not sure which.  They also had a lot of fun gathering sticks, having sword fights and maybe shooting hoops…I’m not sure on that one either.  As I was getting Aunt Shelly’s gift ready…right before I was to take Scott home..I pulled down a gift bag from a very high place…not knowing there was a hammer on top of it….and Kaboom…the hammer landed on my bare left foot. OUCH!!! The Mister tells me “It’s all up from there”…good to know.

The boys played with the neighbor girl and boy after lunch….they called the game “squirt guns of spring.”  Out came the swim suits, the squirt guns and bare feet.  It’s nice to have a 70+degree day in March. After that the youngest played with the neighbors and the oldest went down to Aunti B’s and Uncle T’s.  He played in the backyard and stayed with them for dinner.  The youngest had a private dinner with Mom and Dad followed  by a little television.  Once the oldest got home we put on a movie…the Mister and I were wiped out from all the boys play, so we headed to bed and left the boys to stay up and watch their movie. It was a great first day of Spring Break!!!

Today we may take a picnic to a park in Boulder by the river…it’s going to be a record high temperature today.

One munchkin just came down…so I am off.

Have a great day and don’t let any hammers hit you on the foot.

God Bless.


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