Visiting the boys

We decided to go to Denver after all. We left around 9:30 and were in Denver about 11:30. We stopped at a store where we needed to return something and then headed to Cherry Creek Grill to meet Jeff and Tina for lunch. Jag decided to join us and showed up about 15 minutes after us. After lunch we stopped at Whole Foods to buy the boys some groceries and then Jag headed home while we stopped to drop a coat and some food to Ty. After that, Lori and I headed home.

We made it home by 4 and settled in to watch the San Francisco Dallas game. The 49rs’ won which was great. All our other teams lost. It’s 6am now and we’re off to the gym in 30 minutes as I have a call at 9 and 11:30. Lori has to go into the office for a little bit today too. No snow up here which is good news.

Lori is making coffee so time to go. Enjoy the day and week and God Bless.

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