Ten Days!

In ten days, Jagger turns 21 years old, wow. What a special birthday. Not sure what to get him. We need to find him something that means something. Thought about a watch but he has one. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. Ty’s birthday is 40 days from today! He’ll be 19. Not quite the same as 21 but still another milestone. Both boys are in the throws of finals. I think Jag is done on the 14th and Ty at the end of next week.

Lori is working in Vail today and I have a conference call at 10. We’re on a mission to find a beach to go to. We need it bad, really bad. Harley had a slight limp last night and we couldn’t figure out what it was. This morning she’s almost all well. I’ll keep an eye on her today.

My meeting tomorrow in Denver is postponed as my rep is ill. I’ll probably still go down as I have some other things to do that I scheduled around that appointment. I have a 7:20am PT appointment and then will head down. I feel a lot better today. Last night I took some melatonin to help me sleep. I still had vivid dreams but think I slept better. I think I’m on the mend as everyday I feel better.

Ty went to the Nuggets game last night and we lost by 1 point. I didn’t stay up to watch it due to the aforementioned melatonin. It’s 6:11 right now so time to get going. Hope everyone is well. 18 days until Christmas! The countdown is on, God Bless.

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