Lori time

Today Michelle, Lori’s childhood friend who recently lost her husband to cancer, arrives for a 3 day weekend. Tomorrow the girls are going hiking, Sunday getting a massage at the 4 Seasons and I think we have a few dinners thrown in too. We’ve been cleaning up around here getting ready for her visit. Lori and Michelle are both excited.

Day before yesterday, Marty’s dad, who we called Old Man Frank, passed away in Montana at his assisted living place. He was in his 90’s with on and off dementia, like Dixie. Marty and his sister and brother were by his side and in the afternoon, Marty’s sister Robin was holding her dads hand saying, “It’s ok dad, you can let go and go to heaven” when Old Man Frank turned and looked at her and said, and I quote, “shut the fuck up!”. She said what? And he repeated himself! They all burst out in laughter as that epitomizes Marty’s dad. I never met him but have heard tons of stories over the years. Marty said that was the last thing he ever said.

Dixie had a rough morning. She was convinced she was in someone else’s house and even tried to leave. When I stood in front of her walker, she stomped on my foot! She was better later in the day but is more confused each day.

Haven’t heard much about Shelly. We all told Tasha via text to take her to the hospital but not sure that’s happened. Lesson of the story is, be careful who you give power of attorney to concerning your medical care!

I’m off to the farm. It’s 5:45 am now and I need to leave in 45 minutes. Michelle arrives at 12:30. Boys are fine. Hope to have them come up next weekend.

Time to move and groove. Make it a great day and weekend, God Bless.

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