Heading out

Yesterday was spent packing and battling ants coming up from between the hardwood floors. As bad as I wanted to just kill them, I laid out bait traps so they’d eat the stuff and go back to the nest and hopefully kill them all. So far this morning I’ve only seen one when yesterday at the peak there must have been 20 or 30. I might seal the crack up with clear silicone this morning, not sure yet.

Ty went to the Bronco game with some friends. Lori worked her tail off cleaning and packing, and Jag was hanging out in Boulder. I’m all packed and the truck is cleaned up ready to go. The guys should be here in 90 minutes, and we’ll head out.

Shelly seems to have rallied. Guess she was home sitting on her back porch smoking a cig and drinking coffee yesterday afternoon. She needs to stop smoking. Not sure how anyone can smoke cigarettes these days although it’s super hard to quit.

Time to get moving. I’ll do the blog tomorrow, but Lori needs to do it Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as I think I won’t have a signal. Tom, please remind her if it’s not up.

Everyone take care and have a good last few day’s of August. See you in September! God Bless.

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