Up in the air

Still not sure what we’re doing for college. Worst case, Ty starts in January if we can’t figure out housing. Unbelievable that housing isn’t available. Should know more this morning.

Yesterday Ty was over by Aspen with some friends at a spot where all the kids jump off rocks into the river. They then went to dinner before heading home. Today we were headed to Denver but the check engine light on my truck magically disappeared, so I think we’ll postpone until Friday and try to get this housing thing straightened out.

Ty’s last day of work is tomorrow and Jag comes back up tomorrow too. Lori is in Frisco today and has to be there early.

Looks like the IRS will add 87,000 agents to audit people, great. There’s also a gas tax in the new bill, that’ll help. God help us. Can’t believe every single democrat voted to pass this bill and they’re actually trying to tell us it’s a good thing! Wow, can’t make this stuff up.

God Bless.

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