Super Sunday

We’re headed up the mountain to Loveland Ski Area for the boys to get their first taste at snow boarding on a real hill. The wind is blowing with gusts of 60 miles an hour right now but we think we’re giving it a try anyhow. We should be headed down the hill by noon to get ready for the football games. Wish us luck.

Yesterday we were at Big Time on and off for most of the day. With two parties, the boys got lots of exercise. Then the youngest and his friend, whose birthday it was, lobbied hard for both boys to come to our house for some more playtime. We gave in, loaded up 3 boys and were off to home. They played hard outside until around 5pm when it began to get dark. Meanwhile the oldest I played some catch with our gloves and a baseball. Now I don’t want to overstate this but the oldest was catching everything I threw at him. Towering pop flies, hard grounders, fast balls, I mean everything. He also now has quite an arm throwing me the ball from down the street after he’d have to chase a missed ball. We’re going to try to get him into baseball this Spring. In a few weeks we decided to go find some batting cages as he seems to have some natural talent.

Mom has been tired for a few days now so we just sent her to bed and had a “boys night”. For dinner, our first course was waffles with warm syrup and then thick pad thai noodles with butter. The youngest commented, “wow dad, you give us a lot more syrup than mom!”. This information of course came too late as they’d already licked their plates clean. The rest of the night was the three of us laying around laughing, making various man sounds (I think there was a contest but I’m not verifying anything) and watching the Nuggets beat the New York Knicks. The game went to double overtime so it was a bit after 8:30 before we headed up to get our rest for the big day. The youngest had taken back a few things from Christmas to Target and received a $70 store credit so he bought himself a couple of new DSI games. He and his brother were consumed with these as well for most of the evening.

It’s now 6:49 and the misses is trying to find our snow pants as she and I will be tugging and towing the kids up and down the hill this morning. I don’t think we have to buy lift tickets after all as our friend, who is an instructor, says the first step will be just hiking up the hill a bit to get comfortable. He’s meeting us up there to give the boys a lesson. His boy started when he was 3 and he has a web site called which is all about family’s and snow boarding.

Wish us luck and go 49ers, have a great day and God Bless

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