Ty has an 8 am physical so he can start lacrosse this afternoon at 5. He’ll be done at 7. Looks like it’s six days a week. No snow here, just blue sky. Lori works in Vail todayquick and I have a call at 10. Jag is studying away and May 6th when school is over will be here a week from Thursday. I’ll need to drive down and help him move out.

Lori and I were up on and off last night as it was almost a full moon. Two more days until the draft, whoo hoo. One of Tom and my favorite days. Lori will definitely have to pick Ty up from lacrosse Thursday night. We both can’t wait.

Mojo is still crazy, Harley is still full of energy and Lori and I are still working, ha. We have a full and busy life. Sure could use a break. God Bless.

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