Yesterday morning we closed on Minturn. Quite the adventure to get there but God was certainly watching over us. As you remember last September our buyer backed out with hours to go and left us high and dry holding the townhome. Well on January 8th we received a really low ball offer that we pretty much ignored but did counter to with a phone call from our broker to theirs. Surprisingly the buyer came back and pretty much gave us a full offer after you factor in the roof assessment. The best part which seemed too good to be true was she (the buyer) said she could close in 15 days! This is pretty much unheard of but possible if the deal is all cash and there are no banks involved. Turns out we managed to close yesterday, 8 days after we received the initial offer. We didn’t say anything until it was done as last time it fell through and we didn’t want to jinx ourselves. There’s no other way to look at this except as a miracle. These days you can’t even get an inspection for about 2 months (our buyer somehow did it) and it even takes longer to refi! Even though we signed at 9am yesterday and learned the buyer e-signed, I still didn’t believe until the funds were transferred to our account. By 11am, it was all done. What a relief as this was costing us about $3400 a month meaning we had to make about $5000 a month (pre-tax) to pay for it sitting empty. So we’re down to one house, yea! Thank you God!

After our closing Lori headed to Frisco for work and I was off to Denver. I made it home by 4 and Lori was home at 6. Today Jag starts school and I think Lori saw on the news that CU is going back to in person classes February 15th. Ty is at school today too. I stopped to see my buddy Randy who owns Mile High Shooting which is the top law enforcement dealer in the Country for a bunch of high end gear. We’ve known each other for over 10 years and I dropped them him some elk. We were discussing the crazy times and he told me about a real wealthy client who recently sold his house and took his family down to Florida and bought a huge boat to now live on! People are nervous and scarred. Randy is a Purple Heart recipient from the Viet Nam war who lost a leg and has seen it all, or so he thought, up until now. We’re about the same age and he’s a really great guy.

Today Lori’s sister Serena has her surgery for breast cancer. Please say a prayer for her. We’ve been praying for months!

Quarterly taxes are due today, it just never stops. But it is what it is. The Country is still divided. Turn off your tv and you’ll be much happier. The Dems are going to go too far too fast. The left is all in on cancelling anyone who was or is a Trump supporter. Big companies led by Big Tech are leading the way by censoring any conservative person or group. Sort of like Germany before WWII. We’ve seen this before as countries throughout history went trough the same thing before major confrontations or wars broke out. You now almost have to keep your thoughts to yourself if you don’t go along with the cancel culture. It’s already beyond ridiculous and trust me, there are a lot of silent people out there not happy with the crap going on. These times will definitely be in the history books, unless of course the left cancels history too. Not hard to imagine them trying as they’ve been going back trying their best to erase our past for sometime now with the removal of statues and removing books like Gone With The Wind from schools. No matter how hard they try though, no one can erase history. Oh well, be ready and be strong and stay true to yourself.

Time to get Ty moving. No snow but a little windy outside. Nothing like the front range though. 15 to 20 degrees outside right now which is about 20 degrees warmer than it’s been. Today I’ll stock up on a few more supplies such as dry goods and cleaning supplies. We’re pretty much set but always good to top things off. That’s it, great feeling to have Minturn gone. Still can’t believe it all went down in 8 days, truly a miracle! God Bless.

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