Last Day of Rest

Big week coming up. Tuesday and Wednesday is Denver, Thursday Grand Junction and Saturday Lori goes to the airport. She needs to get tested this week, we probably do too but probably won’t. It’s not as easy as it was to even get tested now as it was a month or two ago.

Jag wants to go into business and law. We’re fine with it if he’s not happy in engineering. We’ll see what happens. First is getting through finals for both boys. This year is not really fair, especially for Jag as he’s pretty much on his own. As an example, there’s no way to meet with his physics professor. He said he can teach himself calculus and other things as there are instructions in the text books but with physics you need to be taught which isn’t happening. We feel sorry for him but he’ll get through it.

We need to get set up this week for Dixie. We need to buy a twin bed and I need to move some things out of my office. Harley will be living in a muzzle and outside for the most part. We’ll social distance from her as no way we can lock the kids down. We’ll see what happens in the next few days.

We bought the kids a few presents yesterday. We’ll have to get on line and get busy. Most of you will be getting food if I don’t hear from you. Food though is a great gift! Guess that’s it, tomorrow is Mojo’s birthday. He’ll be 15! That’s a big deal for a big dog! God Bless.

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