One week until Thanksgiving!

The above used to mean one week until school was out and a week or so until a four day weekend but now it just means one week until turkey day. Such a weird year with everyone mostly having already doing school and work from home. Now the Gov wants everyone to work from home anyhow. In Denver the 10pm curfew is back on. The big question is how is everyone now getting sick? It’s not like there’s been large gatherings at football games or concerts or that in the past month everyone started throwing big parties. I think the virus is just working its way through the population and there’s probably no way to stop it or even slow it down. So if you’ve been a hermit not going anywhere for six months, you’re still probably going to catch it. For the rest of us, we’ve probably already had it and are asymptomatic or have been exposed and didn’t catch it. Either way, sooner or later herd immunity should build up. Let’s hope that happens quickly.

Ty has school today and then Thursday and then I think is done for a week with next week being the holiday. Jag is working from home and Lori might have to run to the office today. I have to take her car down tomorrow and pick up a loaner so they can tint her windows and put on a clear bra. They should make clear bras for women!

Today is day 3 of keto for me. I guess it’s really day 2 if you count the entire day. The human body is really amazing in how quickly is changes or adapts to changes in diet. I always say, food is a drug and some food is worse than others. I feel fine so far and am not sluggish which is a hallmark of the first 3 days they say. We’ll see how today goes. I actually feel really good and have more energy and can tell that fat and inflammation are decreasing daily. Interesting. We’ll see how I look and feel in a month.

Tom has his tree up! Robi, what about you? Time to get Ty moving so I’d better go. Jag can sleep in as he’s responsible for his own schedule. A month from tomorrow he’ll be 19, wow. Two months from tomorrow Ty will be 17. Guess that means we’re getting older too. A month and 3 days from tomorrow Tom will be 60! Uh oh. God Bless.

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