Here we go

First up, no matter who you vote for, be thankful you live in a Country where you get to vote. I could dig deeper and we could discuss whether or not your vote actually matters but we’ll save that for another time. Just make sure you vote.

Now to the day. You need to be aware of your surroundings. Violence is a possibility. Probably not today but in the coming days for sure. Make sure you have some groceries and supplies so you don’t have to go out, especially if you live in a big city. We’ll know much more by tomorrow about how this will all play out.

Up here it’s beautiful. James stopped by on his way home from his ranch as he leaves for California for two weeks tomorrow. He has a big on line benefit concert on Zoom in a week or so. He’ll get back the day before Thanksgiving and will spend the holiday here with us. Ty is at Preston’s in Vail and Harley goes to Utah tomorrow for 5 days of follow up training.

Jag is doing well and I might see him today as I am in Longmont around noon. I need to get snow tires on the cars this week as well. Snow coming this Sunday here and down in the city.

So, be well, keep your powder dry and watch your top knot! Look those sayings up if you don’t know what they mean, and may God Bless you and the U.S.A. I fear after this election, no matter who wins, our Country will never be the same.

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