A New Car!

After picking up the Audi, which had been in Denver at the dealer all week with a weird problem due to two proprietary batteries, we drove up to see my buddy who runs the Mercedes dealer in Westminster. I had called him and he gave me a bid that covered our payoff and then a little bit just in case. He also gave me a discount off whatever we wanted that he had. With winter coming on and the Porsche just sitting in the garage we took the opportunity to throw it in on any potential trade and go from the expense of two cars to one to save money. Our insurance also dropped about $1400 a year. So, after Lori scoured the lot and sat and drove a bunch of cars, (for over two hours!) we finally went with an AMG E 53 Sedan. This is a big change for us as it’s a car and not an SUV. We haven’t had an actual car for at least a dozen years since we had a Cadillac. After driving home, we knew we made the right choice. It’s luxurious, all wheel drive, has 429 horsepower and will make a great road trip car. It’s still sporty and it’s fast and it wasn’t anymore than the Audi. Lori loves it. It does come with performance tires so I will need to get winter tires for it but that’s it. Pictures to come. Jag was lobbying hard for this over an SUV. Maybe he thinks he’s going to be cruising in it, ha.

Speaking of Jag, he’s doing great. Has lots of friends, I think mostly girls, and is loving college. We stopped at Whole Foods in Boulder and drove past a huge Trump rally with a wide demographic of people smack dab in the middle of Boulder. How cool is that? Ty is in Denver coming home today. I think the Halloween party was cancelled so they went to a haunted house instead. We had one trick or treater, Theo, who is Robert and Lindsey’s, (cousin Lee’s son and daughter in law), little boy. He was dressed as an astronaut and looked great. We gave him probably 50 candy bars and he was thrilled. We remember those days well.

Lori is crushing it at work. After getting a frantic call yesterday morning, she managed to get one of her patients in I think tomorrow who fractured her hip. They live in Florida and fly private so they can zip on up here with no notice. Lori is the “go to girl” for many wealthy patients around the World and these people love her. Their family invented a famous sports drink in the 80’s. Her doctor even came to her saying that even though she’s not supposed to get a bonus until after working their a year per clinic policy, they feel she should get one now. They also told her to decide what she thinks she deserves but said they can’t do a million dollars. What a compliment. She has lots of things in store to continue on her plan to reshape the entire practice. There are a lot of incompetent people working there though so that’s her biggest challenge. Oh well, knowing Lori, she’ll get it done.

We’re going to walk the dogs and then head to the gym. Hope you all turned your clocks back. Can’t believe they’re changing the name of Columbus Park in Denver. Shit is out of control. Thank God we live where we live but we’re not immune from the pc culture and idiots either. I miss the old days. Must be getting old if I can say that!

Enjoy the day and Happy November 1st, God Bless.

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