Big Bull Down!

I was right, not only about me but James too. We both scored record book bulls yesterday. Around 7am we were out the door which is late compared to when we leave when hunting Colorado. We didn’t have as far to go or hike this morning. Early on, about 45 minutes after we left, James came upon the largest bull I’ve ever seen. He immediately set up his shooting sticks and put a perfect shot down range on the bull. The bull ran a little bit and soon went down. We gave him a few minutes as they are tough animals and can get up if provoked and run or severely injure you. We quickly field dressed him and loaded him up for the trip back to camp to skin him. He’s a great bull.

After skinning him we headed back out to hunt for some more elk. It didn’t take long before I saw some tines shinning in the sun sticking up out of the sage brush. It was mid morning so this bull was bedded. I slowly approached him after circling him so the sun was at my back. When I came within about 100 yards he became nervous knowing something was up. I decided not to go any closer and waited for him to make his move. As quick as you could blink he jumped up and I squeezed off a shot just as quick and he went down faster than he got up. James and Marty were way up the hill looking down at me and said he dropped in an instant. I was close enough so I shot him in the neck so as not to ruin any of the meat. I too gave him a few minutes before approaching him and poking his eye to make sure he was dead. By then the guys had made their way down to me and helped me field dress him too. I said a prayer thanking God for this beautiful animal and the opportunity to take him. He was a true gift.

Later in the day we went out to help Marty find a bull but didn’t have any luck. We’re headed out this morning searching for elk for Marty. Hopefully we’ll find one.

We were tired when we made it back to the lodge around 7pm. I had started a load of laundry earlier so I finished that up before dinner. We had chicken fried steak, mashed potato’s and gravy and yes, corn. Not healthy at all but really good. I need to stop eating this kind of food but I worked up a big appetite.

I talked with Lori and she and the boys are well. The three of us were talking about how lucky we are to have such great wives that actually want us to go have “guy time” together. They’re great women. Much better than us! Ha. (but don’t tell them, Lori never reads the blog)

God Bless.

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