Time to pack

In 23 hours and 45 minutes I should be on the road to Wyoming. Can’t wait. The colors are changing, the elk are bugling and the mornings are cool. It’s definitely the best time of year.

I think Marty will come pick me up at 6 and then we’ll go grab James and then we’re off. Lori will have to do the blog for the next week or so. Jag is coming home today for two weeks since they’ve essentially shut down all of Boulder, especially to anyone between 18 and 23. He wanted to bring six friends! Ah this is a big no. We’re even making him get a covid test before he comes home. No telling where six 18 somethings have been, right?

We have a meeting at school this morning with Ty’s counselor and then Lori is off to Denver to get her hair done. I have a lot to do to get ready to go. Mostly stuff around here to make sure all is good for the family. Packing is easy for me as I have all my stuff pretty much ready to go.

Work is going fine. Things are getting better every day but they’re threatening a lockdown again. Supposedly cases are rising, mostly at colleges. Maybe they’ll shut down all the schools and go to all on line learning. Jag has the option but we’ll wait until this two week period is over to see what’s going on.

The birds are enjoying their breakfast. All 100 of them. Bird seed is expensive. They need to go on a diet. Cool weather is coming. That is it for today. Be well, be safe and God Bless.

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