Another week

Mid June already, wow. The summer seems to go faster than the winter. Too bad we can’t just stop time for a week or so right about now.

Tomorrow Lori is flying to Sacramento to see her mom. She’ll of course wear a mask. She’ll be home Friday. After we drop her tomorrow morning Jag and I are heading to Boulder to meet up with a new friend of mine who is a CEO of a defense company and on the board of about 10 startups in Boulder. He’ll be a good guy for Jag to know when he’s in Boulder. Then we’re driving up to Conifer to pick a few things up before we head home. Ty will stay with the dogs and watch over them.

This morning we’re getting a bar stool from Frisco and taking it down to the house to make sure it fits under our counter. We need five of them and this particular store is having a 40% off sale which really helps. We cancelled 4 from another store as these are much nicer. We also found a sleeper sofa that’s about 1/3 of the price of the one we’ve been looking at for when Dixie visits. Then at 11 Ty has a physical with Dr. Adkins.

The weather has been great. It’s around 85 or so up here by mid to late afternoon but still nice and cool in the morning and at night. Perfect. In Denver it’s too hot. Glad we live up here.

Jag is struggling with his major. He was accepted into Biomedical Engineering but has been thinking of going into Electrical Engineering but really wants to be a surgeon. He can switch to anything he wants as the Biomedical Program is the most difficult of all programs to get into at CU. Anything else is just an easy transfer once he decides. I keep telling him he doesn’t have to decide right now but you know him. He likes to have his ducks in a row! Maybe tomorrow he’ll get some insight or better idea after he meets my friend.

It’s about 7 now. Last night Lori, Jag and I watched a hilarious movie called Your Highness. Robi, you and Robert should watch it, you’ll love it!

Be well and safe and God Bless.

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  1. Robi says:

    Thanks for the movie suggestion we will def watch 🙂

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