Wheeling and dealing

Ok, no doubt about it, money is tight. We have taxes, high school, college and more and we both took pay cuts. Yesterday I waited for Fed Ex and drove down to Denver and back only going to the drive thru at the bank to deposit a check from Texas that arrived from a few things we sold. So today we are officially accepting donations to the Jagger Fugate College Fund. Feel free to send them on over!

We had snow, not a lot, but snow. I already shoveled the driveway and it seems to have stopped now. It’s a wet snow as it’s not very cold out. Last night we had a Chinese hot pot dinner. This is similar to fondue but with a different broth and all kinds of food. The boys loved it. We did get Jag’s car back. That cost $4,000! I could have turned it into the insurance company but then my rates would have gone up, especially since it was his car, so we just paid it. We stopped at the house on the way home and they were painting. Things are moving along daily.

For 18 days Vail Health hasn’t had a patient on a ventilator and for 5 days, no patients in ICU. They’re even sending nurses to Denver to help out. This is good news and it tells us that social distancing is helping. There’s lots of speculation out there about what things will look like in the Fall and even next year. Some are predicting a resurgence of the virus in the Fall. Others are saying the virus is now mutating much like the flu, meaning different vaccines will be needed each season, and others telling us that this new way of life or some form of it, will be the new normal for some time to come. I don’t think anyone really knows what’s going on as new information comes out every day and it seems their story changes with each new bit of information. I personally think we’re not out of the woods yet and if there is a lull in the action (cases), you should replenish your supplies as best as possible. If I had the cash, I’d buy a place in Wyoming and put some cattle, chickens and get a garden going asap. Sadly I do think we’ll never get back to life exactly the way it was before all this. Oh well, we’ll see what each day brings.

Back to college, while I do think college will start in the Fall, I think it’ll be with kids distance learning from home, especially in the beginning. I don’t think in 100 days give or take a week, things will be stabilized enough to have full classes of kids on campus and stadiums full of fans going to football games. I’m wondering about our Pro football games!

All we can do is try to stay safe, stay prepared, think for ourselves and wait and see what each new day brings. So, make it a great day and God Bless.

Here’s a few pictures for Robi!

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