He Is Risen

Just as he said he would, on Easter Sunday Jesus rose from the dead. Christians around the World commemorate the day by greeting each other with the phrase, He is risen. So, Happy Easter to us all!

We have snow! not much, maybe 2 inches and it’s pretty wet as the ground was pretty warm. We’re dying our eggs this morning after the boys get up. We are putting together an Easter basket for each of them that they’ll have to find. We’re going to put it next to the cleaning supplies, they’ll never find them!

Robi commented about Mom’s Easter eggs. My favorite and the one I remember the most was one that she made depicting the Who’s first album. It was a classic and I think, not sure, I have it packed away somewhere. Sure miss her, she was the best mom we kids could have ever hoped for.

Today we’ll hang out some more. I’m not too sure about this whole shelter in place deal. At some point it has to stop. Also not sure if the virus is really as bad as it’s being made out to be. I know it’s bad but so are many others. i read an article yesterday that says like HIV, people that get it might never get rid of it and it’ll just need to be managed. They’re finding out more and more each day and much of what they learn contradicts what they told us was fact a week earlier. I mean at what point do you open America and the World for business again. We can’t go on like this until there’s a vaccine, can we? Can our World survive without an economy for 18 months? I don’t think so. Look where we’re at right now, the govt. can’t handle 17 million people applying for unemployment and the hundreds of thousands of businesses needing help. This requires a financial response. What do you think’s going to happen when millions of people run out of patience, money and food? They’re going to take to the streets to feed their families and it won’t be pretty. You think the government is struggling with unemployment. Wait until millions of people are raiding grocery stores and when those are empty, looking at their neighbors. There are not enough policemen or soldiers in the World to handle that. Besides wouldn’t you, if you were a policeman, be home taking care of your family? I would. Don’t think this can happen? Try leaving the Country or the World shut down for another six months and see what happens. I’m sure if I told anyone 2 months ago you’d be ordered to shelter in place at home and wear masks IF you go anywhere and to basically go nowhere, you probably would have said I’m crazy. Hmmm.

Oh well, let’s get back to today. What’s for dinner? We’re having lobster and hot and sour soup. Lori’s moo shoo pork last night was great but salty. The boys played video games for most of the day. Lori and I went down to the house as painting starts tomorrow. Lori’s making the boys Easter baskets up right now. Have a great day today and remember that God gave his only son for you! You should feel pretty special, God Bless.

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2 Responses to He Is Risen

  1. Robi says:

    Happy Easter to you all! As far as the virus I’m all in for another 18 days then I throw in the towel – I need hugs HAHA! We had buckwheat pancakes and sausage for breakfast, having bloody Mary’s now, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans for dinner and then ready – strawberry shortcake!!!

  2. Blondie says:

    I am with you, Robi! Is everyone howling like wolves there at 8 pm? They are here, you can here it for miles. I miss my dad and want to go see him and do some normal things like go to lunch! Your Easter dinner sounds fab, especially the shortcake

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