Saturday, yea!

It’s the weekend, not that it is much different from any other day. They all kind of run together these days. There is some good news on the vaccine front. Lots of companies are supposedly close to developing one and going into human trials. Let’s hope so, right?

Last night we went down to the house. The drywall guys were taping away. I gave each of the three guys working there $20 for cerveza (beer in Spanish) while Lori walked around. Our builder bought two fiberglass doors for the garage side and rear entrances which we don’t like. He’s going to paint them black but might have to throw them away. We never gave our ok on them.

We’re still all working on getting along well in our new “in your face” living arrangement. We’re just not used to being so cooped up with each other 24/7. We’re getting there though. Jag went to Madi’s (her family has been in total lock down like us) for the weekend. Lori and Shelly (Madi’s mom) are in constant communication and she’s a dentist so she’s taking this seriously too.

Diana, one of Lori’s nurses, left work yesterday not feeling well so she went and was tested. No results yet. New cases are coming down on a daily rate up here so this distancing thing is working. Lori and I are going to the park to work out this morning. Then not sure what we’re doing. We might go back down to the house. Lori said let’s take a table and two chairs and go sit down there for the sunset. Maybe have a picnic.

I was in and out of Denver and home by 10. Retail has to be dying as nothing is open except gun shops, liquor and grocery stores. Personally for Tom and I, we don’t need much else except some restaurants, ha. Wonder if Robin and Robert have made it to the range yet. If so, give us a report.

Dogs are well, so is Ty. I think he’s going sledding with Zoe and Chloe today at Meadow Mountain. Couldn’t do that in Denver! Time to run. Hope you all are well, be safe and God Bless.

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3 Responses to Saturday, yea!

  1. Blondie says:

    It doesn’t seem like sledding is following the guidelines of social distancing and when they say “Stay Home”, I think they mean stay at your home…..just saying:)

  2. Robi says:

    We have not been to the shooting range as of yet. We need classes first cause I know nothin about guns. C2 Tactical where we bought the guns is open with classes going on but we decided to wait until this is over. Not much different for us here either except not going out to eat, good news is we are saving tons of money and losing weight. We had HH in our driveway yesterday with our neighbors in their driveway. It is beautiful weather here so we take long long walks and sit in the backyard which is like a resort. Getting pretty good a shooting pool too! Our 1000 piece beer label puzzle HA is coming along too. Not to be negative Nancy but will we really get thru this and be better than ever – hmmm! Kinda, sorta worried!

  3. Blondie says:

    They say this virus will come back each year so not sure unless they can get the right vaccine in place that things will be better than ever, Robin! Scary times

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