Still sick

Well Ty still has his cold, Lori seems to be getting one, Jag is not having fun at school and I’m scrambling to get wine here from Italy. Even though Trump is shutting down all European travel, our wine can still go. For a moment last night it looked like he was banning cargo too as he doesn’t speak to clearly but thankfully he’s not. I didn’t think so as it would have crushed the World economy.

I’m headed out in 30 minutes with James. Marty is sick too so it’s just the two of us hunting today. As I said yesterday, things are ramping up. Expect cases to double every day or two going forward so things ae going to get worse for sure. I might have already had this thing for all I know. In any case, social distancing, our new word, is soon going to be the norm.

It’s 4:19 now so time to get moving. Hope everyone is well. Think for yourself and have faith in God. God Bless.

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  1. Robi says:

    Hope you had luck hunting! Send my money back and we will go see the Eagles here. If not cancelled you can sell your tickets. Don’t wanna come where everybody is afraid to see us. We were coming to see you and Tommy, concert was after thought.

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