It’d be interesting to see how many posts where I’ve used the word snow! I’m sure a bunch. Right now I-70 is closed from Vail to about Georgetown which is easily 60 or 70 miles of highway. Jag and his crew need to get down sometime today for their 9 am Saturday morning flight. Not sure when they’ll head out.

My surgery went well or so I’m told. I’m sore like I did a heavy workout but not really in that much pain which is surprising to everyone on my medical team. They gave me all kinds of pills from Celebrex to Oxy but I didn’t take any. We ran into our James (Metallica) when leaving the hospital around noon and we joked about how no way he or I could or would take oxy! Can’t believe they even still give it out. We’ll put ours in a safe and save for our medical supplies for emergencies. I laid on the couch most of the day but probably did too much. I need to lay low. Both boys are going to have to shovel this morning as no way I can do that. Lori, of course has been wonderful. She’s almost perfect, ha.

It’s a snow day for school which almost never happens so that tells you how much we have outside. It’s going to be probably the best powder day we’ve had this year and of course Ty will be hitting the mountain. He has to stay on the main runs as there could be avalanches even at the ski area. We have drifts outside halfway up Jag’s car. Ty and Lori are out there now trying to dig the cars out. I picked a good day to lay low, ha.

Here’s todays virus update,

Here we are, right where we thought we’d be.  It’s Thursday, February 6th. Trump’s market action associated with State of the Union and acquittal overpowered all risk.  After Trump’s press conference today, this ‘victory lap’ trend should begin to close.  Technically, today’s stock action marks a complete retracement back to prior market highs of Dow 29,348 from January 17th.  Apple is back near prior highs.  Even Alibaba is trading into the $220’s.  Trump was able to take a victory lap without any panic days in the market.  Again, right where we thought we’d be.  His political victory is assured by the market scoreboard. What comes next?  China has quarantined more than 60 million people.  Out of nowhere, President Xi voluntarily cut tariffs on U.S. products.  You think he did that because of 566 coronavirus deaths?  566 deaths is far fewer than the seasonal flu.  Yum brands, the owner of Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut just warned that coronavirus will be a significant headwind for 2020 earnings.  Yum operates 6,300 KFC’s and 2,200 Pizza Hut’s in China.  Kate Spade and Coach just closed a majority of its 366 stores in China.  Toyota is hunting for alternative auto part suppliers outside of China.  Adidas is closing 500 of its own stores and 11,500 outlets.  Apple closed all 42 stores.  It’s been two weeks since any AirPods have been manufactured.  Perhaps most importantly, Foxconn has stopped production of iPhones until February 10th and is likely to extend the shutdown into March. Tesla closed its 24 stores. Starbucks is closing stores.  You think the Chinese economy is being brought to its knees because of 566 deaths? Hmmmmm. Get ready and hold on!

Time to wrap it up. Hope you all are well, take care and God Bless.

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