We’re getting there. Yesterday we finalized a bunch of things on the house. The plumbing fixtures, some closet configurations, and the big decision, the hardwood floors are now all locked in. Our floors are the same as Jennifer’s as after seeing what she chose and taking a sample to the house, they looked the best. They come from just north of Venice Italy so we had to make a decision yesterday to get them here in time. The guy (Brian) we’re getting them from is sort of a distributor for this line of flooring nationwide but does local work with them too. He hunts a lot so we hit it off. We feel comfortable as Jennifer just ordered hers and had her whole house installed and things went fine. So she was sort of our test run with this Company.

After that around 4:30 I had to pick Ty up and get his boots molded to his feet for his tele skis. It’s always something. He and I and Jag all made it home about the same time. It’s 5:25 now and we need to leave in about 45 minutes to get Lori to the airport.

We’re on a big lockdown as far as any spending goes. No dinners out, no new clothes, no nothing right now with the house being built. The downside to building a new house is things always come up and you have to make choices to stay in budget. Right now we’re within $1000 of budget and have about 75 days to go. They started putting the roof on yesterday and there were a bunch of guys there doing other stuff too. What gets you is the out of budget things. The big one here is the basement at about $45K but we have to get it finished. Then there’s the whole house water filtration system at $5K, the bbq and the linear fire pit out back and finally the hot tub. We might need to wait on the hot tub as it’s a luxury and at the bottom of the list. Good news is two homes (not new construction) just went under contract for $1.7 and $1.8 Million in Eagle Ranch! This is huge news as that right there means we should be above $1.5 easy when we’re done and we’ll be less than that for sure all in when we’re done. Finally prices are going up down there, good news.

Time to get moving as I hear the blow dryer going upstairs meaning I can get in the shower. Hope everyone is well, we’re all feeling better around here but the flu is still hanging around and is nasty everywhere. A guy who works at the hospital just lost his 60 year old dad to the flu! 8000 people have died so far in the U.S. with 15 Million having had it. You don’t think of the flu as a big threat but right now it’s more of one than the virus from China. Doesn’t mean the coronavirus isn’t scary, it is and we need to watch it closely as China never tells the truth about their numbers. Best prevention is to wash your hands, a lot, eat well, get good sleep and stay away from sick people. There you have it, your tip of the day! Now go make it a good day, God Bless.

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  1. Blondie says:

    The problem is, it is impossible to stay away from sick people….they are every where you go and just don’t know it! ☹️

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