And the battle goes on

Ok, first up, I’m staying home. We’re in the midst of a battle between the four of us and the flu. I thought it had caught up with me last night but this morning think I have the upper hand. The battle isn’t over yet though. Ty had a bad cough after practice so we’ll see how he’s doing this morning. He was talking to Zoe on What’s App last night in Israel as she just arrived. Lori is feeling about the same. I did see Dr. Lisles yesterday and a week from Thursday I’ll have surgery to fix my hernia. Lori is still scheduled to go see her Mom Thursday.

We have a little snow outside but not much. It’s almost 7 and the boys are still sleeping. I’ll be on the phone for most of the day with Seattle since I didn’t go. Glad I stayed home as there are all kinds of germs on planes as we all know. We need to find our new hardwood floors too as we’re running out of time. Time to get moving, hope everyone is well. God Bless.

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  1. Robi says:

    Oopsie, I thought you were having your surgery yesterday. Ugh, I hate waiting for stuff like that so hang in there! Luckily we are not sick, I think a combo of the flu shot and I wash my hands all the time, they are almost bleeding but it seems to be working knock on wood!

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