A long day

Being a model is hard work, and takes a long time. They arrived around 11am and were home around 11pm. His walk lasted about 45 seconds. I guess there were like 500 people there and Jag said it was surreal. It was the big time. Meanwhile Ty was working on homework, cleaning his room and he went to lunch with some friends. This morning the boys have basketball at 6;30 so they need to get moving as it’s 5:54. I think Jag is coming home after practice to do some homework as he had no time yesterday.

I cleaned the kitchen and living room from top to bottom. Time to get moving but here’s a few pictures of the day. God Bless.

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  1. Robi says:

    Wow that’s cool, the fact that jag could keep his composure is amazing. I would have probably tripped and peed my pants!

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