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Cleaning, eating right, walking the dogs, feeding the boys, driving everywhere, I’m back at it. We managed to get Lori to the airport in time for her flight despite lines everywhere from the road to security to even the bathroom at one gas station. The boys were off yesterday and I was back by noon. This morning I’m back down in Denver to have new tires put on Lori’s car. Not excited about another trip but we’re supposed to get a bunch of snow tomorrow and I need to pick Lori up Monday and will need good tires for the snow.

I came down to some dog poop on the hardwood floor that had to be there for a while as it was dried and stuck and hard to get up, ugh. Not sure which dog is guilty. It’s says low to mid 60’s and windy in Denver which is nice.

Jag’s soccer coach who hit him in the head and ear has been emailing wondering how he is doing. I don’t think Jag has a concussion but he does have ringing in his ear. Hope it’s not like mine which is still ringing from hunting. Mines a faint dull ring that I only notice when sitting still, but it’s there. Stupid decision by me to shoot at an elk without hearing protection. As much as I’ve been shooting in my life I should have known better but got caught up in the moment.

Lori had lunch with her friend Terri when she arrived in Sacramento. Then it was off to her mom’s. They went to Lido for dinner last night. I think Dixie wants to move to Lakewood and then I heard maybe move in with us. Now no way she can move into our little Minturn house but Lori suggested she move into my office when our house is built. I guess I’ll have to wait a while to have my own office if this is what she wants but I think Dixie would be bored all day in the house with no one around. That’s basically what she has now. She’d be better off moving into the nice assisted living place we found in Lakewood and then her niece and nephew are about a mile away. We’ll see, all I know is she should probably not live alone anymore as much as she wants to. I get it, Mom did too and vowed to never go to a home even though it probably would have prolonged her life. She wanted her independence and privacy and that was that. I too never ever want to go into a home! Tom and I need to make a pact!

Time to get moving, not sure if the boys will get up and go with me. That was the plan but things change when you’re a teenager, ha. Have a good day, we miss Lori even though it’s only been 1 day. Be safe and God Bless.

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  1. Blondie says:

    My dad is so happy at his assisted living place. It is like a big family and they take great care of him. The kind of care that none of us can possibly do or should have to do. It isn’t like nursing homes back in the day anymore, they are nice and clean and have great staff at least where dad is. His apartment is awesome and he does have privacy and also has events he can go to, etc. Takes the pressure off family when they take them to doctor appointments, etc. also. When he is here at our house, he will say, “It’s time to go home now”….so it makes me feel good he thinks it is his home. I would not hesitate moving in there tomorrow myself and you have a misperception about assisted living places and should not rule out for yourself one day either!

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