sick, clean and a bit tired

Well I finally caught the wife’s cold. Yesterday afternoon my throat started hurting and by bedtime, I had it. Thankfully I finished some work in the morning and made my way to Costco with the boys before I started feeling cruddy. I also decided to tackle the house from top to bottom the best I could as it hadn’t been really cleaned since we arrived home. I started in our room with my closet by taking everything out from the bottom to vacuum out all the dust bombs. Next up, after throwing away some old shoes, I moved the bed and cleaned under there too. Then some dusting and putting away some clothes and I was onto the rest of the top floor. About an hour or so later, I made it downstairs and continued the battle while the boys were outside playing in the front yard. Finally around 4:30 I finished and threw a chicken in the oven for dinner.

Other than my cold, I feel pretty good. It’s the misses who’s pretty tired. She worked 10 hours yesterday and could barely talk when she got home as her throat hurt so much. It’s 4:50 am now and she’s still sleeping but will be up soon as she works at 7:15. I woke up about 4:15 with a nose bleed. It’s so dry here and all of a sudden my nose just started bleeding. I never get these but the misses does quite a bit.

Now onto the holidays, Grandma Annette posted a comment yesterday which I think is worth sharing so here you are;

“I can’t beleive with all the cooking the two of you do, you can’t cook a turkey! I’m putting money for the boy’s on Fandango for birthday’s and Christmas (lots of good movies out). I’m buying American and supporting local business for Christmas this year. I’m glad you two got a few days away together and in Paris. Lucky”

Now the important part here other than knowing we’re getting movie tickets (yea) is that she’s “buying American” and supporting local businesses when shopping for Christmas. This may not sound like much but imagine how much better our economy would be if everyone “bought American” this holiday season. American Express (don’t know if you’ve seen the tv ads) is sponsoring a “Shop Small Saturday” where they encourage everyone to shop at small local independent stores this coming Saturday. It’s kind of funny that American Express knows the key to our economy (and their business) is small businesses and not the mega corporations. After all they’re not sponsoring this day just to be nice, they know that the majority of their customers are just that, small businesses. Why can’t the government see this? They’d rather support companies like GE who send jobs to China, file 57,000 page tax returns and pay zero taxes (this is true believe it or not!) and make mega donations to the democratic party. I’m telling you, it’s all out of whack. All Obama cares about is getting re-elected and if he does, things will not get better, I promise you!

Ok, that’s enough politics for the day. Today the boys and I will be preparing for the big day tomorrow. I hope we’re all feeling ok. We’re going to try making our own pumpkin pies rather than buying them this year. The boys are also going to help, I’m sure I’ll have some stories from this. I talked to Grandma yesterday who was already making her famous 3 bean salad. I have no idea what else we’re making. Maybe some sweet potato’s, mashed potato’s, green beans and stuffing. I’d better check with the misses this morning in case I need to go to the store.

Well time to run and wake the good looking one so she can start getting ready for work. I’d like to find the boys some friends to play with today so I can get some work done. Oh oh, I just woke the misses and she sounds terrible! She has that sexy throaty voice like some sultry lounge singer. She doesn’t feel well at all, hopefully she’ll be better by tonight.

We hope everyone has a great day planned, post a comment (especially those of you in California) and let us know what you’re doing tomorrow! Wish we were all together, we could have a pie baking contest! I’ll bet some of you make some great pumpkin and pecan pies, boy would that be fun! Take care and God Bless and as Grandma Annette said, buy local and buy American!

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2 Responses to sick, clean and a bit tired

  1. Robi says:

    Well I’m not in California but I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Annette says:

    Serena and Matt are having Thanksgiving with friends. Their friends provide the house, turkey and stuffing for all their friends that don’t go out of town. The girl are going to Erica’s and Aunt Jean, Uncle Mike, Jim aand I are going out to eat then see the Muppets or Hugo. I am making a turkey breast and cranberry sauce for turkey sandwiches later.

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