Here we go

Saturday at 5 am I’ll be heading out into the mountains full of color hunting bull elk. I’m hunting elk again because I passed on 2 smaller bulls about a month ago. I could have, and probably should have shot a nice cow elk that ran five feet in front of me and stopped back on Labor Day weekend. But I decided to wait. It’s not about shooting the elk, in fact that’s kind of anti-climatic in some ways. It’s about the hunt. Being in the mountains, especially now with the colors changing, and then bugling a 1000 pound bull elk within feet of you is what it’s all about. The meat is great and even though we as a family don’t eat a lot of it, everyone I know loves to have some.

Back home Lori is taking care of the boys and the dogs. Jag has a soccer game tomorrow and I’m not sure what Ty has going on. I think Lori and Ty are going to try to get his room cleaned up. That’ll be mostly Lori!

It’s cool outside. We’re at 8000 feet and the wind has been blowing all day. The wind chill has to be in the teens. There are about a dozen hunters here. People from Texas, two women who are hunting while their husbands watch (what’s up with that?), and other hunters from Minnesota, South Carolina and some other place. Most everyone has gone to bed. It’s 8pm Friday night and I’m writing this now as I won’t have time in the morning. That’s it, hope everyone is well, have a great day and God Bless.

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