Pink Eye or a Stye?

Lori has either pink eye or a stye on her right eye that she just can’t get rid of. We think it started on the weekend from lack of sleep and eye strain from driving down and up to Denver. It’s painful and bothersome.

I’m going to stop by the house today to see how the framing is coming along as I have to go to Aspen and will be driving right by. As I said, things will start moving a bit quicker now that the foundation and plumbing are in. Everything now is from the ground up.

My foot is still a bit sore but I’m trying to power through it. The boys are fine and so is school. The dogs too. We had a mountain lion outside last night hissing and growling and keeping Lori up. Not sure when that ended as I fell asleep.

Guess that’s it, time to go. Have a great day, GB.

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