Mom would be happy!

Last night in what started out as kind of a crappy game, the Green Bay Packers ended up beating the Chicago Bears 10 to 3. Mom loved football and loved her Packers. So there ya go.

This morning we have a meeting at school at 7:15 so time to get moving. It’s 6 am now and it seems we never ever get any sleep. Then I’m off to Denver to pick up a check for a rifle I sold and to get some work on the truck. We’re skipping the benefit at the Hyatt in Denver tonight as we just have too much going on.

It’s getting cooler up here and Fall will soon be here in full swing. Bring it on. That’s it. Tom told me I need to get the blog up earlier as I’ve been late. Tomorrow I’ll put up some pictures. Lori said Dixie had a nice date which is great to hear, you go girl, God Bless.

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