Last week of August

Here we go, that was a short summer. It’s cooler today with the high in the 70’s. Ty is off whitewater kayaking this morning for two days at 8:30. Then school starts for both boys Thursday.

Yesterday I dropped Ty at 8:30 for his 10:35 am race. I then had to run back to Vail and do a few things before heading to Denver to pick up Lori. She landed a bit before 4 so by the time we were home it was 6:30. Her head is still bad so she’ll get an official evaluation this week and maybe have surgery in a couple weeks. No point in screwing around.

Lots to do today around here. Lots to do this week. I did run into Lorenzo at the gas station by the airport yesterday afternoon before picking Lori up. He’s in town this week until Thursday working the market. I’ll meet up with him Wednesday morning.

Ty did really well in his first High School race. Not sure of where he placed yet but he passed a lot of people. I need to finish cleaning the garage this week too. That’s it, time to go, God Bless.

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  1. Robi says:

    It’s here, it’s finally here, that would be the Rolling Stones! I am so excited I couldn’t sleep last night. The radio station I listen to at work is playing non stop Stones all day! I’ll send pics of us in our concert outfits – HA!

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