Sun, water and fun

We woke around 7 and were gone by 9:30. A few hours later we, and about 200 other people were on the river. Marty, Melanie, Lori and I along with their 12 year old son and his friend floated the Colorado River for about 8 miles. It was a lot of fun and sun. At a couple spots boats were stopped and people were jumping off rocks probably 30 feet high into the water. With the water level getting low, it didn’t look like such a good idea. There were rafts, kayaks, inflatable canoe’s and other types of water craft. The rapids weren’t bad but water is water and you need to be safe no matter how low it is.

The best thing about the whole day was you were totally 100% detached from normal day to day life. No phones (no service) no tv, no buildings or telephone poles, no cars, no clue of society anywhere, just the outdoors and nature were all you could see in any direction. I don’t think an airplane even flew over us. It was like living 100 years ago, peaceful and not a care in the World. What fun.

We were home by 5 and decided to get sushi for dinner. Lori’s head was killing her. We woke at 1:15 to the sound of our trash can being turned over. I jumped up and looked out the window as I knew it was a bear. I couldn’t see him but yelled ‘get out of here” out the window and then saw him leisurely walk down the driveway. Lori wanted to see so she too got out of bed to see him. It was almost a full moon so he was easy to see. I just looked outside at 5 am and sure enough our trash can is tipped over. They’re bear proof so he couldn’t get in to it.

This morning I’m off to get Dixie in Denver around 10. We have a room through one of Lori’s connections at the Sonnenalp. It’s a busy day with Ty working with Deb at 8, then mountain biking at 3 and Jag having soccer at 8 and 4. We also need to get the dogs home.

I’m off at 4:45 am tomorrow morning for the airport and will be gone for 36 hours. I too have some work to squeeze in today plus we have to keep Dixie company during the day. So that’s it, time to go, have a good day and GB.

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  1. Robi says:

    Wowie, how big is your house, how many rooms and levels? Looks massive – very cool, can’t wait to see it! P.s. Call Auntie Dee tomorrow (Tuesday) if you can, it’s her 95th bday. Went to the place she now calls home Saturday for a party. There were 16 people and it was actually really nice and fun! Auntie Dee is such a wonderful person!

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