Chill in the air

When you live in the mountains, you can feel the changes in the seasons pretty easy in the morning. Well let me tell you, Fall is coming. There’s that small bite of cold around 6 am that wasn’t there last week. Not sure what kind of Winter they say is coming up but as I said, the season is beginning to change.

We managed to get Lori to the airport on time and after a stop or two I was back home around 2. Ty had his first mountain bike race at 6:51. Different groups go off at different times and that’s when his group started.

He’s such a good kid and just went out and joined the team on his own without having any experience or knowing many kids at all. He ended up just a few minutes behind the leader in his group and is getting stronger every day. Good for him. Meanwhile Jag was at soccer and home right before Ty was finished.

This morning Ty has Deb and Jag has soccer. I have lots of computer work to do. We had a bear roaming around outside last night as the neighbor’s trash can is turned over and the dogs were sniffing around this morning. You can also see tracks from his dirty paws. Luckily we don’t keep any food in our cars or they’d be a mess. There are lots of bears this year.

Time to get moving, I need to clean the garage today if I can find the time. Have a great day and God Bless.

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  1. robi says:

    What a cool looking dude Ty is! Getting so big too! I love those guys!

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