Hard to put last night into words, but it truly was epic!. We arrived at the stadium after having a bite to eat after the drive to Denver after meeting with our builder after working out. You can’t really explain it but for 2 hours last night it’s as if we were all frozen in time sharing and experiencing a microcosm of my life.

We made our way into the stadium around 6:45 after meeting up with Tom and Jennifer and then Melanie and Marty. Buying floor seats was the right choice! We walked in with tens of thousands of people some in their 70’s and 80’s! By the time we made it to our seats, after hitting the souvenir stand, the opening act was starting. About an hour later the show began.

The lights went down, the crowd screamed and then an announcer came on and said “Ladies and Gentleman, The Rolling Stones!” Then Keith and Ronnie’s guitars belted out the opening riffs to Jumping Jack Flash! The crowd went crazy. This went on for two hours with Mick strutting around the stage like a 30 year old. He talked with the crowd like we were long lost friends saying how they first played Denver in 1965. He talked about the shows they played at the old Mile High Stadium and joked how they went to Casa Bonita earlier in the day to go cliff diving, (that’s an old famous restaurant in Lakewood), he also thanked us for our patience and understanding for having to reschedule the show due to his heart issue. You would have never known it the way he was. Mick didn’t miss a beat and hit all the notes. They played all their hits and Mick danced and pranced around like he has done for 50 years. There was a long catwalk that jutted out into the crowd close to us where at one point they set up a drum kit and acoustic guitars and all came out in the middle of the crowd and did an acoustic set. The kids were mesmerized. At one point Ty turned to me and said “this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my life”. That right there was worth it. Finally the show ended and we made our way out with our friends who we took to the show. They were four rows ahead of us as that’s how our tickets ended up. It was like re-living my life with old friends for the past 50 years.

On the way home we searched our phones to see where they were playing as we’d go to a show again, it was that good! The kids soon fell asleep while I drove to Vail with Lori looking hot in her new Rolling Stones t-shirt sitting next to me, life is good. Around 1 am we pulled in. Jag had burned the skin off his thigh on an alpine slide the day before in Steamboat and needed the dressing changed. More on his trip tomorrow and the show but now it’s time to go.

As I said, the show was everything we could have hoped for and more. It’s like we were all one person for a moment in time. Lori looked at me during the show and said “we’re really good parents”, ha. That’s sort of an inside joke I’ll explain later. This was one of those moments everyone will remember for the rest of their lives, especially the kids. More tomorrow, God Bless.

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