Today they say it’ll be a hot one, especially down the hill. Up here we’ll probably see the mid 80’s which is just about perfect. We made a few changes to the house yesterday. We decided to take out the sliding glass door in the living room and add a sliding glass wall! We’re also putting one in our bedroom. I hate those sliding doors. We spent last night researching everything from our pizza oven to kitchen cabinets and more. Lori, of course, is picking most of the stuff. I get to choose things for my office and the vault downstairs, ha.

Ty went to town as Jack came up to stay with Sonny. Then all three of them spent the night at Sonny’s. Jag is off to Denver to go to Water World with three friends. Tyler is driving them, hope she’s a good driver. Lori and I are going to see the new movie tonight Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. We were going to go last night but it was sold out.

Today Lori has clinic. Every day is a shit show at work with some, as Lori calls them, crazy ass patients that are usually too entitled for their own good. I’m off to Carbondale and Aspen today for a quick meeting. At 4 we have the exterminator coming although all our flies are gone. I’m still having them check things out as it’s been so wet this year that there’s a lot more bugs plus the neighbor had a mouse! He had his sliding door open for a few hours though so he thinks it came in that way.

Mojo pooped in the house, ugh, so I’d better take them up the hill now. Guess I should have taken him up the hill before he pooped! Have a great day, God Bless.

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  1. Robi says:

    We saw the movie Sunday, it was great! Good ole Quentin!

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