What fun

We were up on time and headed out around 10 for our party. We met up with our friends at a spot on the road so they could follow us up the hill. 30 minutes and about 5000 feet in elevation later, we were at the party.

The views were spectacular, the food and friends great and the music couldn’t have been better. Lori wanted to dance and we ended up dancing for an hour or so. We had one little downpour that lasted only 15 minutes or so. Some people were cold a bit but what do you expect at 13,000 feet in the Rockies.

At 3 we headed down the hill with a few friends who needed a ride and went to Ward’s hat shop. It’s so funky and cool and everyone wanted some kind of custom hat. We hung out and continued the party there until about 5:30 when we separated to get ready for dinner at 8:15. Ward is this cool country boy from Mississippi and after Jeff asked “so, you’re a friend of Doug’s”, Ward said, “no Doug’s my best friend!” Ha, how nice.

At 8 we walked the three blocks to meet up with everyone again for dinner. There were 11 of us and we had a Tatami Room at Kenichi. Dinner was unbelievable and over the top. In the Tatami room you can hook you phone up to a jack to play your own music so that was cool too! About 3 hours later we were done and all said our good nights and headed home. It was a really nice fun day and evening. Today we’re loading up and then heading up to Rollie and Dave’s house to see it around 10. Then we’re supposed to hit a party/brunch at 11 at Billie and Greg’s before heading home.

Fun news is Schultz and Jane who are long time friends of us and Jeff and Tina, decided to look at getting a place in Spain above Barcelona and after talking, looks like we’ll all go in together. They’ve gone there a few times a year for the past 10 years and you can get a cool 4 bedroom place with pool and more for $500K. Between three of us that’s less per year than one trip to Hawaii! We’ll see what happens but everyone seems to be in. Here’s some pictures, enjoy and God Bless.

Lori, Ward, me, Isabella and Tina
Family Photo at Kenichi in Aspen
Fun with friends
Ward working his magic on one of my hats!
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