Cars and clothes

The boys and I left at 7 sharp and pulled into the Land Rover dealer right around 9. We dropped the Rover and picked up our loaner car. Before we left we continued our search for a good, fairly inexpensive car for Jagger. We saw a couple things but they were too expensive so we headed to the Audi dealer next door. There they had a dozen or so Q5’s in the $20,000 range that are certified meaning they come with warranty. We have our eye on a white one from 2016 with 47,000 miles. Now we’re not excited about buying a car but we don’t want Jag driving our cars plus he needs something to drive he and his brother to school in about a month. The Audi is super safe, doesn’t have a huge engine, is good on gas and drives great in snow and ice, so we might make a move if I can beat them down a bit.

We made it home around 2:30 after stopping at the mall and then to see Uncle Tom. His backyard is even more impressive in person. The water feature flow can be controlled with some sort of remote. It’s pretty nice. Then we headed to Mom’s. Not much left in the garage. We grabbed a few small items like Dad’s law school diploma and headed home.

Today I’m off to Aspen and then Lori and I have dinner and the concert with the Spector’s. Should be fun but we’d both rather not eat restaurant food or be out late. I’m sure we’ll enjoy it. Lori has a dentist appointment this morning at 8 so time to get moving.

Have a good day, GB.

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