A Great School

Jag and I left at 6:30 and arrived a little after 9. Our tour of CU started with a 45 minute talk and then a tour of the campus. Both were enlightening. What a great school and beautiful campus. I think Jag changed his mind a bit on the school and I found out most of the kids, for some unknown reason, bash CU at his school. We also determined most of the kids in his school have zero drive and aren’t very smart. In the end although we’ll still go see some other schools, but now CU is on the list, whoo hoo.

After a couple more stops we headed home but didn’t arrive until about 5. Then Lori and Jag picked up Harley and Emma who stayed until a little after 8. They’re pretty much inseparable if they have the chance, ha.

I’m back down the hill today for an appointment at 10 so time to get moving. We pick up Ty in about 53 hours! We all miss him very much. I’m going to try to keep him off his cell phone and computer when he returns from 2 weeks without electronics. That’s it as I have like 45 minutes. Have a great day, be safe and God Bless.

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