Fun dinner

Yesterday after a busy day doing who knows what, we headed to the Ferer’s for dinner. We had Emma with us as they went swimming earlier in the day. We arrived a little after 6 and were home just before 11. We had a really nice time and the time flew by. It was hard to get up but Harley’s internal clock goes off at 5:45 am so that’s when we rose.

It’s a work week for us as usual even though it’s the first week of June. As I said yesterday today is Mom and Dad’s anniversary. Not sure how many years but I know today is the day. We ate so much last night (we think it was the guacamole and chips) that both Lori and I had stomach aches. I’m still so full and I don’t think I’ll eat for a week!

Ty is going to La Bottega to try to get a job today. He had a crash on his board the other day and his calf is hurt so he’s been limping around. All the kids skateboard in basically empty swimming pools as that’s how they make skate parks these days.

Time to go as it’s 7. Looks sunny again. They had rain and hail in Denver yesterday but it was nice up here. Hope that continues. Have a great day, God Bless.

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  1. Tom says:

    Thanks you want us to have hail and rain! Appreciate it! At least it stops the cotton from flying! Ha

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