Party party

Today our good friends Jeff and Tina are having a party. We’ll head down around 10 or 11 and be back sometime this evening. Tina hired a food truck that is seafood themed with fish and chips, Shrimp Po’boy’s and more, should be fun.

Yesterday after getting fitted to my bike I headed up the hill. David is making a few last minute adjustments so I’ll get it Tuesday or Wednesday as he ordered in a new pair of shoes for me on him.

When I made it up, after stopping for groceries, Jag needed to go to the skate shop for some shoes for skateboarding. Your shoes get ripped up pretty good so he didn’t want to wear his good ones. Then I took them to the skate park. Actually I took Ty first then took Jag home and took him an hour later after he decided to meet Emma down there. The skate park is where the summer social scene takes place. I had no idea so many kids were into skateboarding.

I picked them up around 5:30 and headed home for tacos. Lori had bought tickets to go see John Wick 3 so she, Jag and I went to the movies. Ty, even after much prodding, decided to stay home. Turns out he was the smart one as it was a pretty bad movie. Oh well, can’t get them all right.

We’re headed to the gym after coffee. Jag and Emma are staying here for the day and Ty is coming with us and will then stay down for a few nights at Jack’s house if we ever get ahold of his mom to confirm the boys plans.

That’s about it, time to go, hope everyone has some fun plans today. it’s going to be 80 degrees in Denver, about time. God Bless.

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2 Responses to Party party

  1. Tom says:

    Where are the prom pictures and new bike pictures! Don’t leave us hanging

  2. Blondie says:

    Prom pics please!

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