It’s over

School, prom, homework, finals, it’s all over, thank God. Today the kids have indoor Field day (due to yesterday’s snow) in the gym from 9 until 12. Then it’s summer, game on.

Lori and I were rushing around from place to place to take pictures of different grades, 9th, 10th and 11th before Prom. Then after getting all the kids into Prom, we headed to Matsuhisa for dinner with Emma’s parents. We had a fun dinner until almost 10 and then headed home. At 11 I headed back out to The Hyatt to get the kids. Courtney had had a few drinks so we had Emma spend the night with us so she didn’t have to drive. All the kids looked great. Below are pictures of Jag and Emma but I have to get pics of Ty from Lori’s phone.

They say 80 degrees this weekend meaning the rivers and lakes will be filling up fast. You need to be careful this time of year as up here we have what we call “big water”.

I’m waiting for the pictures to come through from my phone to my computer but they’re not here yet so maybe I’ll post them tomorrow. That’s it, have a great day, GB.

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