May 1st

It’s May Day and we have snow on the ground. Not a lot, just a dusting to make everything white. There’s nothing on the roads which is good. The boys need to be at school at 7:30, Lori at the gym by 7 and me at the dentist by 8. On Saturday Lori and I are going to Denver while Jag takes the SAT and Ty does, well, does what Ty does.

I need to run back over to the Carbondale Aspen area sometime soon. Maybe I can put it off until next week. Lori has lots going on at work as she had two girls out yesterday. Greg, who works for me, is here as Kristin had her third surgery yesterday. You might remember she was run into by a snowboarder about a year and a half ago just getting off the lift! Bad luck.

I think I’m traveling next week or the week after. Not sure yet, probably Florida, as there’s lots going on with our new partnership with the Germans. May is a critical month for our next steps.

Lori’s birthday is Saturday! Hope you all sent presents. She’s partial to diamonds and gold, just so you know. She even likes used jewelry! Ha!

Time to go, have a good day, God Bless.

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  1. Robi says:

    Lori’s b-day present should be at your P.O. Box by tomorrow at the latest. I forgot to write down the tracking number to track it. No diamonds or gold from us but from yesterdays post the gift seems appropriate – HA!

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