He is Risen

We were all tired for most of the day. I was feeling pretty sick with a bad cough and stuffy nose but this morning am coughing stuff up and am doing better. We slept in until 9 and will soon head to the gym. Lori and I are both up 3 pounds which honestly isn’t bad at all. We should be back at our fighting weights in no time.

Today we have lots of cleaning to do and will pick up the dogs. Both boys have some school work to do before going back tomorrow.

Happy Easter, He is Risen! It’s a glorious day if you believe in God. I hope you do. We didn’t get a chance to dye any Easter eggs this year. The Easter bunny did leave some chocolates for the boys though. We talked about going to brunch but we’ve been eating so much for the past week I think we’ll pass.

Spring is here and most of the snow has melted. It’s amazing just how much is gone in a week. Hopefully this is it until next Winter. Time to get moving. Hope you have a Happy Easter and a great day. Soon it will be May! Remember, the good looking ones birthday is May 4th! I think you all know who I mean, ha. God Bless.

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  1. Robi says:

    Happy Easter! Just got the “good looking one” her bday present Friday!

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