Wheels up

There’s so much going on today. In 4 hours I’ll be back in the air for my 6 hour flight to Hawaii, taxes are due, ugh and the meeting with Christophe, Stephan and Nico continue here in Seattle. We all met up at the ferry around 2:30 and took a 20 minute ride to Vashon Island where Kay has a cabin. He bought this from the bank almost 6 years ago and has done quite a lot. It was originally like $800K but he bought it for a total of $160K as it was in foreclosure. It’s a great little rustic place. His son Eric and girlfriend cooked up fresh salmon, bbq oysters and shrimp steamed in sea water. The food was great and we all had a great time. More importantly was the time we all spent together, especially for me as I hadn’t met these guys before. Of course we hit it off and it seems like we’d all work well together. We’ll see how things turn out.

I should be back in paradise by about 1 this afternoon. Yesterday Lori and the kids went snorkeling and had fun. When I get back Ty and I are going to do some things as I guess Emma and Jag are kind of doing their own thing which is no surprise.

Hawaiian Airlines is nice but no United. The flight crew was super nice but the seats in First Class aren’t even close to the Polaris service on United. Still though, it is First Class so I’m not complaining. In have about 90 minutes before I take the shuttle to the airport. It’s 3:30 am in Hawaii due to the time difference so I’ll be tired by tonight. I just tried to pay the quarterly taxes to the State of Colorado and it says it locked me out of my account for 2 business days as I forgot my password, super. Oh well, time to go, take care, have a great day and Aloha! God Bless.

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