Another Avalanche

Yup, in the middle of the night, another pile of snow came down the mountain between Copper and Vail. It was raining when I came back up yesterday around noon. The snow outside has really high water content and is almost like a slush. Not sure when they’ll reopen the highway. I guess it’s closed right now going into Glenwood Canyon where the boys need to go to get to Aspen for their lacrosse game this afternoon at 4. We’ll see.

I made it down early and managed to get all my errands done and made it back by about 1:30. Both boys had practice until 6 and then Lori picked them up. Today I’m on the computer and tomorrow I have a sales meeting in Denver at 10:30. So just another day and here we go. That’s it, see you tomorrow, GB.

UPDATE, Aspen just called a snow day so no game today. We didn’t want them driving over there anyway so this is good news. practice from 3:30 until 5.

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